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Climbing plants or climbers are also known as vines. Most climbers are flowering plants. They can be woody or non-woody. Climbers display a growth form based on long stems. Most of the time, climbers limb higher for the purpose of reaching for more sunlight. There were also some climbers that grow away from light. Climbers can climb by twining their stems around a support, clinging their roots, using twining petioles, using tendrils, using leaves, or using thorns.

Aeschynanthes lobbianus Allamanda blanchetii Allamanda cathartica Allamanda oenotherifolia Bauhinia kockiana Bignonia magnifica Canavalia gladiata Clerodendrum thomsoniae Clitoria ternatea Coccinia grandis Combretum indicum Ficus punctata Gloriosa superba Hoya pubicalyx Jasminum sambac Nepenthes albomarginata Passiflora foetida Petrea volubilis Piper betle Podranea ricasoliana Solandra longiflora Thunbergia fragrans Thunbergia grandiflora