Lycopodiophyta (Lycopod Division)

The Lycopodiophyta or Lycophyta Division contains plants called Lycopods. Lycopods are the oldest living vascular plant division at around 410 million years old. These plants have green, branched stems, small scale-like leaves, and rhizomes. Lycopods do not have flowers and seeds, instead they release spores from areas on their leaves. These spores travel to new places and start new plants. Plants in the Lycopodiophyta include Club Mosses, Quillworts, and Spikemosses.

Lycopodiopsida is the only class in the Lycopodiophyta division. The Lycopodiopsida Class is split into three orders; Isoetales Order (Quillworts), Lycopodiales Order (Club Mosses), and Selaginellales Order (Spikemosses).