Macodes petola

Scientific Name: Macodes petola
Synonym: Anoectochilus petola, Anoectochilus veitchianus, Argyrorchis javanica, Haemaria argyroneura, Macodes argyroneura, Macodes javanica, Macodes robusta, Neottia petola, Rhomboda confusa, Spiranthes petola
Common Name: Jewel Orchid
Chinese Name / 中文名: 彩叶兰 (Cǎi yè lán), 宝石兰 (Bǎoshí lán)
Other Local Name: Anggrek Kiaksara (Indonesia), Orkid Batik Emas (Indonesia)
Family Name: Orchidaceae
Origin: Malaysia, Philippines and Sumatra
Images Location: Perak, Malaysia
Growth Habit: Shrub
Characteristic: Terrestrial orchid species found in the rainforest with beautiful foliage.
Care Requirements: Prefers partial to full shade and requires moderate watering. Soil need to keep damp.

Macodes petola, Jewel Orchid Macodes petola, Jewel Orchid Macodes petola, Jewel Orchid