Impatiens balsamina

Scientific Name: Impatiens balsamina
Synonym: Balsamina angustifolia, Balsamina balsamina, Balsamina coccinea, Balsamina cornuta, Balsamina foeminea, Balsamina hortensis, Balsamina lacca, Balsamina minutiflora, Balsamina mollis, Balsamina odorata, Balsamina racemosa, Impatiens eriocarpa, Impatiens stapfiana
Common Name: Balsam, Garden Balsam, Touch-Me-Not
Chinese Name / 中文名: 凤仙花 (Fèng xiān huā), 指甲花 (Zhǐjiǎ huā)
Other Local Name: Bunga Keembung, Bunga Tabo, Inai Air, Inai Ayam, Inai Pacak, Laka Kecil (Malaysia), Pacar Air (Indonesia)
Family Name: Balsaminaceae
Origin: South Asia to Southeast Asia
Images Location: Penang, Malaysia
Growth Habit: Shrub
Characteristic: A shrub with spirally arranged, deep-tooth margin leaves and seed pods that burst when touched. Flowers color can be red, pink, purple, or white.
Care Requirements: Prefers full sun and moderate watering.

Impatiens balsamina Impatiens balsamina