Clerodendrum paniculatum

Scientific Name: Clerodendrum paniculatum
Synonym: Clerodendrum paniculata, Clerodendrum pyramidale, Volkameria angulata
Common Name: Pagoda Flower
Chinese Name / 中文名: 佛塔花 (Fó tǎ huā), 赪桐 (Chēng tóng), 宝塔龙船 (Bǎotǎ lóngchuán), 圆锥大青 (Yuánzhuī dà qīng)
Other Local Name: Panggil-panggil (Malaysia)
Family Name: Lamiaceae and Verbenaceae
Origin: Southeast Asia
Images Location: Johor, Malaysia
Growth Habit: Shrub
Characteristic: A semiwoody shrub with large evergreen leaves and large terminal inflorescence with orange-red flowers above its foliage.
Care Requirements: Prefers full sun and lots of watering.

Clerodendrum paniculatum, Pagoda Flower