Phyllanthus acidus

Scientific Name: Phyllanthus acidus
Synonym: Averrhoa acida, Cicca acida, Cicca acidissima, Cicca disticha, Cicca nodiflora, Cicca racemosa, Diasperus acidissimus, Phyllanthus acidissimus, Phyllanthus cicca, Phyllanthus cochinchinensis, Phyllanthus distichus, Phyllanthus longifolius, Tricarium cochinchinense
Common Name: Country Gooseberry, Damsel, Malay Gooseberry, Otaheite Gooseberry, Plum, Star Gooseberry
Chinese Name / 中文名: 西印度醋栗 (Xi yìndù cù lì)
Other Local Name: Cermai (Malay), Chermai (Malay)
Family Name: Phyllanthaceae
Origin: Brazil, Colombia
Images Location: Penang, Malaysia
Growth Habit: Tree
Characteristic: A small, glabrous tree up to 10 meters tall with greenish yellow to creamy-white, firm and sour fruits.
Care Requirements: Prefers full sun and moderate watering.

Phyllanthus acidus, Star Gooseberry Phyllanthus acidus, Star Gooseberry