Hibiscus tiliaceus

Scientific Name: Hibiscus tiliaceus
Synonym: Hibiscus boninensis, Hibiscus tiliifolius, Hibiscus tortuosus, Pariti boninense, Pariti tiliaceum, Pariti tiliaceum var. heterophyllum, Paritium abutiloides, Paritium elatum var. abutiloides, Paritium tiliaceum, Paritium tiliaceum
Common Name: Sea Hibiscus, Beach Hibiscus, Coastal Hibiscus
Chinese Name / 中文名: 黄槿 (Huáng jǐn)
Other Local Name: Bebaru Bulu, Baru-baru (Malay)
Family Name: Malvaceae
Origin: Southeast Asia
Images Location: Johor, Malaysia
Growth Habit: Tree
Characteristic: A tree with flowers that changes from bright yellow to red before fallen. The center of the flower is deep red. Leaves are round and heart shape.
Care Requirements: Prefers full sun and moderate watering.

Hibiscus tiliaceus, Sea Hibiscus Hibiscus tiliaceus, Sea Hibiscus Hibiscus tiliaceus, Sea Hibiscus