Ananas bracteatus

Scientific Name: Ananas bracteatus
Synonym: Ananas bracteatus var. macrodontes, Ananas bracteatus var. rudis, Ananas bracteatus var. striatus, Ananas bracteatus var. tricolor, Ananas comosus var. bracteatus, Ananas comosus var. rudis, Ananas comosus var. tricolor, Ananas genesio-linsii, Ananas sativus var. bracteatus, Ananassa bracteata, Ananassa sagenaria
Common Name: Pineapple
Chinese Name / 中文名: 红凤梨 (Hóng fènglí)
Other Local Name: Nenas (Malay)
Family Name: Bromeliaceae
Origin: Brazil and Paraguay
Images Location: Malaysia
Growth Habit: Shrub
Characteristic: A shrub with spiny, long, pointed leaves and reddish fruit.
Care Requirements: Prefers full sun and little watering.

Ananas bracteatus, Pineapple