Marattiaceae is commonly known as the Giant Fern Family. The Marattiaceae is a family from Marattiales Order, splits from Marattiopsida Class. It is a family in Pteridophyta or Lower Vascular Plants Division. The family consists of 15 genera and about 166 species.

Genera in Marattiaceae:
  • Angiopteris
  • Discostegia
  • Kaulfussia
  • Psilodochea
  • Archangiopteris
  • Eupodium
  • Macroglossum
  • Ptisana
  • Christensenia
  • Gymnotheca
  • Marattia
  • Stibasia
  • Danaea
  • Heterodanaea
  • Myriotheca

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Angiopteris fokiensis