Magnoliophyta (Flowering Plants Division)

Magnoliophyta or commonly known as flowering plants division is the most diverse division of land plants. The distinguishing characteristics of the division from other divisions are the vascular system with vessel and flowers. After flowering, they form fruits with seeds. The division includes most crops, trees, shrubs, grasses, garden plants, and weeds.

The Magnoliophyta is split into two main classes; Liliopsida Class and Magnoliopsida Class. Liliopsida class are sometimes called monocotyledons or in short monocots. Young seedlings for monocots have only one seed leaf. The class includes: grasses, lilies, bamboos, orchids, cattails, and onions. Magnoliopsida class. are sometimes called dicotyledons or in shot dicots. Young seedlings for dicots have two seed leaves. The class includes: walnuts, carroys, sunflowers, daisies, roses, buttercups and hollies.

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