Calliandra tergemina var. emarginata

Scientific Name: Calliandra tergemina var. emarginata
Synonym: Anneslia centralis, Anneslia cruziana, Anneslia emarginata, Anneslia, juchitana, Anneslia yucatensis, Calliandra centralis, Calliandra emarginata, Calliandra mexicana, Calliandra rivalis, Calliandra rupestris, Calliandra seemannii, Calliandra tetraphylla, Calliandra yucatanensis, Inga emarginata, Inga emarginata, Inga semicordata, Inga tetraphylla, Lehua Haole, Mimosa emarginata, Mimosa tetraphylla
Common Name: Powderpuff Plant, Cat's Tail, Miniature Powderpuff, Dwarf Powder Puff, Tarbardillo
Chinese Name / 中文名: 红粉扑花 (Hóngfěnpū huā), 凹叶红合欢 (Āoyèhóng héhuān)
Other Local Name: Kaliandra Bunga Merah (Indonesia)
Family Name: Fabaceae
Origin: Central to South America
Images Location: Johor, Malaysia
Growth Habit: Tree
Characteristic: A small tree that has flowers with many red stamen filaments.
Care Requirements: Prefers partial to full sun and moderate watering.

Calliandra tergemina var. emarginata, Powderpuff Plant Calliandra tergemina var. emarginata, Powderpuff Plant