Passifloraceae (Passion Flower Family)

Passifloraceae is commonly known as the Passion Flower Family. The Passifloraceae is a family from Malpighiales Order, splits from Magnoliopsida Class. It is a family among about 406 families in Magnoliophyta or Flowering Plants Division. The family consists of 27 genera and about 700 species of herbaceous or woody climbers, shrubs, and trees, mostly of tropical distribution. Many members of the family are climbers which climb by means of tendrils borne in the leaf axil.

Genera in  Passifloraceae:
  • Adenia
  • Deidamia
  • Malesherbia
  • Smeathmannia
  • Adenoa
  • Dilkea
  • Mitostemma
  • Tetrapathaea
  • Ancistrothyrsus
  • Disemma
  • Odostelma
  • Tetrastylis
  • Androsiphonia
  • Distemma
  • Paropsia
  • Tricliceras
  • Barteria
  • Efulensia
  • Paropsiopsis
  • Turnera
  • Basananthe
  • Erblichia
  • Passiflora
  • Wormskioldia
  • Crossostemma
  • Hyalocalyx
  • Piriqueta

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Passiflora foetida Turnera subulata Turnera ulmifolia