Dipterocarpaceae (Meranti Family)

Dipterocarpaceae is a family from Malvales Order, splits from Magnoliopsida Class. It is a family among about 406 families in Magnoliophyta or Flowering Plants Division. The family consists of 15 genera and 125 accepted species.

Dipterocarpaceae was derived from the Greek word di-pteron-karpos for "two-winged-fruit".

Genera in Dipterocarpaceae:
  • Anisoptera
  • Hopea
  • Pakaraimaea
  • Vateria
  • Cotylelobium
  • Marquesia
  • Parashorea
  • Vateriopsis
  • Dipterocarpus
  • Monotes
  • Pentacme
  • Vatica
  • Dryobalanops
  • Neobalanocarpus
  • Shorea

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Shorea acuminata Dipterocarpus cornutus Shorea ovalis Shorea roxburghii Shorea singkawang